We always follow all the latest trends in technology, and select those which are best suited to our needs. The latest innovations are used to support our team, so they can focus on what really matters, looking after our clients


We're on the move for NIS2! This new European legislation will be initialized in October of 2024, and TCI Carriers is already working towards updating its systems to comply with the demands. 

Waste not...

Nobody likes excessive printing. In order to save you paper, we have created an option for digital document signing! You no longer need to print documents to add your signature, you can now sign digitally!

Customer portal

Our customer portal which has Track&Trace, has recently been updated! Not only can you follow your shipments in real time, you can also add your own documentation and have easy access to ours! 

ETA tracking

Naturally you want the best possible information on the arrival of your goods. That's why we have developed a comparison module, which takes information from both carriers as well as port terminals, and delivers you the most accurate information on the arrival of your goods. 

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