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The United Arab Emirates is an important trading partner for Europe. Together with Saudi Arabia, it is the largest market in the Middle East. The United Arab Emirates is also known as the UAE. TCI Carriers offers the following services for all your shipments (export, import, cross trades and the preparation of customs documents):

  • Sea Freight – LCL shipments
  • Sea Freight – FCL shipments
  • Air Freight

Required transport documents for export and import UAE

  • Commercial invoice: Customs clearance of goods requires an invoice in quadruplicate. This must be written in English.
  • Certificates of origin: A single copy of a certificate of origin is required. A certificate of origin can be requested at the Chamber of Commerce.
  • Transport documents: B/L or Air Waybill
  • Manufacturer’s declaration: An importer may require a separate manufacturer’s declaration. This can be authenticated by the Chamber of Commerce.
  • Authentications: The Certificate of Origin and the invoice must be authenticated by the Chamber of Commerce.
  • Packing lists: A packing list should provide an accurate overview of the individual packages, including brand, numbers, gross and net weight and content.
  • Single Administrative Document: The Single Administrative Document (SAD) is a standard form for, inter alia, declaring exports with the customs authorities. We can digitally submit the declaration on your behalf.

PLEASE NOTE: The required documents may be subject to change. We recommend that you contact your representative prior to shipping in order to check the proper documents.

Source: National Entrepreneurs Office (RvO).

UAE Facts & Figures

The United Arab Emirates is known as one of the most developed countries in the world. The economy runs largely on the extraction of petroleum and natural gas. The big cities are known for their large shopping centres and impressive skyline with many skyscrapers, including the largest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa Dubai (829,8418 metres). Furthermore, the country is known for its many impressive hotels, sheikhs, expensive cars and man-made islands of different shapes. It is even possible to have a private island built! The landscape of the UAE consists mainly of desert and coast. The coastline consists of wide sandy beaches and turquoise water. A perfect place for sailing, as well as scuba diving and snorkelling among colourful fish and coral reefs

  • Official name: United Arab Emirates
  • Continent: Asia
  • Size: 83,600 km²
  • Capital city: Abu Dhabi
  • Major ports: Jebel Ali, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Khor Fakkan
  • Population: 8,264,070 inhabitants (2010)
  • Form of government: Federation of Emirates
  • Highest point: 1,910 m

(source: landenkompas.nl)

United Arab Emirates’ Economy

The United Arab Emirates have a highly industrialised economy, making the country one of the most developed countries in the world based on different development indicators such as HDI and GDP. With $168 billion in 2006, the UAE ranks second of all Gulf States, after Saudi Arabia, third in the Middle East, and 38th in the world (before Malaysia).

Even though the UAE is less dependent on natural resources as a source of income, petroleum and natural gas still play a significant role in the economy, especially in Abu Dhabi. A major construction boom, an expanding industry, and a rapidly growing services sector are helping the UAE to diversify its economy. Across the country, there are projects under development worth $ 350 billion. Such projects include the Burj Dubai, which is to become the world’s tallest building once completed, Al Maktoum International Airport, which, upon completion, will be the largest airport ever built and the three Palm Islands, the largest man-made islands in the world. Another project is the Dubai Mall, which will be the largest shopping centre in the world.

(source: Wikipedia)

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