TCI OOG Cargo Consolidation

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TCI OOG Cargo Consolidation

TCI Carriers is a dynamic international shipping company with extensive experience in OOG (Out of Gauge) cargo.
In 2019 we handled a significant number of OOG shipments to South Korea.

On our TCI Logistics Glossary, you will find that OOG loads are shipments with dimensions exceeding those of a standard container.
The carriers charge an OOG surcharge for lost slots when the cargo sizes exceed standard container dimensions.

TCI Carriers’ team can provide you with OOG Cargo Consolidation solution that saves you money.

If your OOG Cargo to South-Korea will not fill a complete Flat Rack container, we can assist you in finding the best possible solution for consolidating your OOG Cargo, so you don’t have to pay for a complete Flat Rack.

Whether your port of loading is Antwerp, Rotterdam or Hamburg, we can offer you OOG Cargo Consolidation to South-Korea at the best rates.

As no dimensions of OOG cargo are the same, you can contact us for detailed rates and schedules


Below you will find some examples of OOG Cargo