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Customs documents

Declarations and documents

We will gladly handle all required Customs documents and various certificates for you.

When talking about customs declarations and documents, think of limited tax representation and documents of origin. What is more, we will handle the declarations (import, export and transit) and will perform supporting activities, such as determining the goods code and tax value.

Read our most recent newsarticle about HS code (Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System) and BTI (Binding Tariff Information).

As from October, 15th 2019, fines up to 7500 euro per violation will be applied in the Port of Antwerp if no customs documents are available prior to shipment. This will apply to all shipments types (FCL, LCL and onventional/breakbulk).

As from January, 1st 2020, carriers will implement a ‘no-load policy’ if no customs documents are presented before the shipment. This will lead to cargo not being shipped and may cause additional charges.

We are able to provide the following documents:

  • EXA export document
  • IM4 importdocument
  • T1 document
  • Certificate of Origin
  • EUR 1
  • ATR
  • Request for import license
  • Request for refunding Customs duties
  • GDB examination certificate

These documents can be used for all kinds of transportation such as seafreight, airfreight and road transport.

Read more on our activities webpages. 

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you require more information about customs documents.

Direct representation

In the near future, our method of handling import and export clearance will be changed from indirect to direct representation.
There will be no change for importers and exporters, just a shift in liability for the customs representative who handles your import or export clearance formalities.
We will be getting in touch with you in the upcoming months regarding future procedures for customs clearance.

If you already have questions about direct representation, you can contact us at

Dual use goods

Dual Use goods are items, software and technologies that are normally intended for civil purposes, but can possibly have a military application, or may contribute to the production or distribution of weapons of mass destruction. For example, nuclear weapons, chemical gasses or biological weapons.

There are various International treaties which regulate the trade of such items. They cannot be exported or carried on without a license. Export to certain countries is actually prohibited. Local customs authorities enforce these rules. Read more