Railway trein

Railway transport

Sustainable shipping method

Do you regularly transport goods via the same routings? Are you interested in a sustainable shipping method? Railway transport might be just the thing for you. It offers many advantages compared to transport by road when it comes to sustainability. Think of, for example, the load per expedition, the number of productive kilometres and the emission of gasses.

Many advantages

Railway transport offers additional advantages as well. It is cost-efficient, reliable and safe. Compared to road transport, railway transport has longer processing times. On the other hand, it is not hindered by driving and resting times.

Other than the fact that Belgium is one of the most important logistical intersections, railway transport offers a lot of advantages. It is cost-effective, reliable and safe. The Belgian network spreads over 3570 km and is the most concentrated rail network in the world.

Normally it is the railway operator who is occupied with the tracks from train station to train station. When you book your shipment with TCI-Carriers, we obviously arrange the transport from the starting address to the final destination.


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